About Us

About Us

In Pusat Tuisyen Remaja (PTR) we provide single subject tutoring (Maths/ Add Maths) and even packages of other subjects from Standard 4 till Form 5. Scoring in Maths/ Add Maths alone isn’t enough as for Dato’ Roy, straight A’s , whether its UPSR, PT3 or SPM is valuable to him and of course PTR.

“Teaching is and has always been my passion and I have always enjoyed and am willing to go the extra mile for my students to achieve great heights in their education as well as in their career.” said by Dato’ Roy Raja.

Our principal

Pusat Tuisyen Remaja (PTR) was started by Dato’ Roy Raja. He was termed by many of his student as the main specialist in the teaching of Maths. Dato’ Roy Raja actually started teaching as early as when he was in Form 1 where he taught Maths Tuition in his school to his classmates after school.

At that time he was only 11+ of age due to his double promotion from Std 3 to Std 5. He had a great interest in teaching since then and took to teaching in tuition centers after his form 6 while awaiting his results.

As a school teacher, he was NEVER happy to hear his school having improvement of SPM results from 72% to 80% as he feel it’s a great pity to know that 20% failed!!!
‘Every student is a precious child who deserves the right to do well’, he claims.

Teaching has been a part of him and seeing every child score in exams is his ultimate dream. Maths has been his dominant subject and he wants so much to share his love and experiences in this wonderful subject which he always questions those students who literally ‘hate’ the subject.


Many of his students are very capable professionals today and there were/are students of his who scored tremendously in maths in Universities in Malaysia and other countries too.

One of them even turned out to be the best Maths student in the University in USA and also appeared as the best Asian student in Maths in that University, published in the Asia Magazine. Some of his loyal students, apart from being lecturers, also did a PHd in Maths in Universities abroad.

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